3 exciting changes to my shop that inspired new designs

Welcome to my newly refreshed website... I hope all the changes make shopping easier and more fun for you!

The 3 exciting changes are:

  • New colors derived from my naturally dyed wearable art,
  • New type faces - a romantic and a modern one, and
  • New platform, yes, I finally made the move to a shopping-oriented one.

You might wonder what prompted the changes.  This is one of those moments where the need to "pivot", learning more about how to actually run a small business and the old shoes not quite fitting anymore all came together in Covid-isolation and pushed me forward.  AND, of course the right people showed up at the right time, so, I have a bunch of people to thank, because running a small business takes a village, especially these days!

  • Megan Auman, Artists and Profit Makers - Sml Biz Coach
  • Briggs Shore, Briggs Shore Ceramics - Fellow Artist & Branding Coach
  • Margaret McNett Burruss, Muddart Studios - Fellow Artist & Website Developer
  • Caitlin Cosby -  UX Designer & Friend
  • Emmy Thacker -  Fellow Artist, Graphic Designer & Social Media
  • Molly & David from the Community Investment Collaborative, FMP Coaching program

What new designs have been inspired?  Well first of all, my photography and my product description writing needed to change and get more playful.  I hope you will see that, it's coming along and a work in progress.  Somehow, through all of this change, it is also impacting my craft and my creative process in the studio.  You will see more in the coming months and while we are not quite out of Covid, yet, I can definitely feel the impact of this transformative time.

Here is a new scarf on a new natural dye, eco printed with tarragon & Japanese maple from my garden.

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