Behind the Scenes of Photoshoot 2020

My last photoshoot with Dominique (Dominique Attaway Photography) was April 2019 and in the intervening 13 months, I have created 11 (!!) new styles & lines of items. I do my best to photograph everything as I go along, but having a formal shoot with a Dominique & models is so much better and illustrative of my work. This year, my models were Amie K (again!) and Tallulah T, who were both fantastic and I had the help of Ulrike P (my studio assistant) and my daughter, Catie... AND then there were the dogs, who enjoyed the beautiful day, tremendously. Keeping socially distant in a photoshoot was incredibly difficult!! So, while we await Dominique sorting the photos and uploading them for me... here is a peak of the goings ons, behind the scenes.... (once the models were both here, there was little time for behind the scenes pix...). When I do get them, I'll post a series of each of the 11 new styles with specials for my special followers!

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