Earth Day - Zero Waste in the Studio

In my studio, I make every effort to minimize my impact on Mother Earth... using natural dyes, natural fibers and fabrics, using recycled jars, composting plant waste... AND using studio waste materials, creatively in an effort to create ZERO WASTE. Here are some examples of the ways I am creating up-cycled gift items... WEBSITE EXCLUSIVES: NUNO WRIST CUFFS, NEEDLE CASES & MASKS!! SHOP UNDER GIFTS...

Scraps of eco printed silk noil becomes GIFT BAGS

I make a lot of test pieces - these are pieces

of Nuno Felt made into Nuno WRIST CUFFS

Wool fabric Eco Print test pieces are made into NEEDLE CASES

Small snaps of eco printed silk noil are


Cotton scraps of eco print are made into

MASKS for sale and donation

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