Embroidery Study Group - Stitching Every Day Post 2

I'm going to use some Linen for my Stitching Every Day project.... mostly because I have some in-house.  It came from www.fabrics-store.com and it is their Signature Finish.  It comes 59" wide (mine is 58", tho I may have washed it, previously) and I cut 2 strips from selvage to selvage, 13" wide.  I will then hem it (double folded of 0.5"; using cotton thread), before I scour** it in preparation for naturally dyeing it.  My goal is 2 pieces about 11" wide by a minimum of 53" wide... so that I can make monthly templates on 8.5" x 11" graph paper.

** Scour instructions - Wash on hot in a washing machine on gentle using 1 tsp Synthropol or 1 tsp. pH neutral dish soap.  Hold damp for dyeing. 



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