Fall is a Time to Hit Refresh!

Finally, the heat of the Virginia summer has broken and we are getting some cooler evenings... we are past Labor Day, kids are back in school, & the Fall show season is just around the corner. Phew. I know the calendar year doesn't start for another 4 months, but I feel like my personal calendar starts September 1st... So, a perfect time to refresh my website, update my calendars and share with you all the fun things I have been up to in the Studio and in the world.

My very first craft, in middle school, was embroidery. I have returned to it over and over - in my teens (embroidering my hippy jeans), in my 30's (embroidering handkerchiefs as gifts), in my 40's (embroidering onesies)... and now, again. In the last 3-4 years, as I have been nuno felting and eco printing, I have also been moving toward integrating eco printing into my nuno felting. I started that in 2018/19... now, in 2019/20, I am bringing embroidery and stitch shibori into my work. I am so excited! One of my first Japanese mending (Boro) projects was my favorite pair of jeans. I have been embellishing my Boxy Jackets and making small projects that will continue to unfold. I cannot wait to share all this with you!

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