Home Natural Dyer's Gear: Clippers & Baskets

It's handy to have decent clippers & a basket when I'm headed out to collect plant material for home dye-making. First off, the clippers. As you can see I have quite a variety. The first ones (L to R) are made for flower arranging and the others are clippers that can cut small branches. Currently, the 2 orange handled ones are my fav's, but all have served me well. As for baskets, I must confess, I am a basket junkie, as you can see from the collection above my cabinets in the studio.

I use baskets for lots of things (knitting projects, plant gathering, project corals, fruit, sewing, gifts, etc. You don't "need" baskets for Home Natural Dyeing, but they are pretty and useful. I'd love to see your favorite basket(s) and clippers - send me a photo to my email at studio@sarahtremaine.com! If you are interested in Becoming a Home Natural Dyer, sign up on my interest list to get more information on my on-line Workshop, which begins April 22nd - Earth Day!

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