Makers Gotta Make - Linen!

I've been chomping at the bit for months, waiting for creative energies to peak for some new things using LINEN! As you can see, I recently got these bolts of fabulous linen (to add to the rest of my linen stash).
So, I've been in a period of re-thinking about how I want to run my business:
  • What do I want to make?
  • What do I want to teach?
  • What makes me happy & creative?
  • How can I best serve YOU?
  • How can my work be most eco-friendly?
  • What local NP should the business support?
  • What new skills to I want to learn?
  • What skills do I want to mix together?
  • How can I better organize the Studio?

How do I best show & tell my love of craft?

I'm still on the journey of discovery & it is such a perfect Winter activity, along with knitting.... but I am starting to feel the quickening in my creative sap, I'm seeing Bluebirds & hearing bird songs and soon all will be clear and I'm excited to get there and tell y'all about what is next!

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