Making room for NEW creative expressions - Late Winter

There is a rhythm in the year and in my creative cycles... The last few months, I have been hunkered down asking myself BIG questions about where my creative work wants to evolve...

In recent weeks, despite the winter weather, here, I have been feeling Spring coming, the sap in the trees ready to flow, the birds starting their Spring songs, flowers pushing out of the ground - I LOVE Spring! The excitement of it, the smell of it, the longer days, all of it.

So, it is not at all surprising that out of my months of hibernation, I am starting to push out into CREATING, again... and I need to make room for the new, by letting go and leaping, enthusiastically and with a bit of fear, into....... What? !? You ask.

Well, a more deeply grounded & aligned way of creating and showing up in the world. I'm feeling my way into drawing on my environmental science background, my meditation/spiritual practice, my longing for community and the transformation I adore in fiber art. I'll keep updating you all as the changes bubble up - stay tuned. May your branches flower!

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