Meditations on Pivoting

I wrapped up all of my outstanding orders, recently, and so, now with so many cancelled shows, the question is: "now what?" "Pivoting" is one of the 2020 buzz words in business, right now - it was before the pandemic, too, but now it is all the rage. I think of it as shifting gears, quickly (!) and for a planner, not one of my strengths. So, while I work on creating a new business model, sans shows, I'm spending some time re-purposing materials in my studio (see Mother's Day Needle Cases & Wrist Cuffs, under Gifts on my website).... and this "pivoting in the time of Corona" has lead me back to experimentation.

I have had it in mind to try some new ideas in Eco Printing and so my science-mind kicked in and I sketched out a 4 x 5 matrix of different treatments to test a hypothesis of how that might effect the final prints (isn't the matrix cool? I'm such a geek!).

This is very much like the process I used as a graduate student in Environmental Sciences AND while the results are really pretty, they were not what I was looking for. HA!

It has really taken me back: I did not get the results I "wanted" but I did get results.... Now, I need to listen and let nature teach me THIS part of the lesson and then move forward to the next experiment with that layer of learning to the next & so forth. NO need for frustration or disappointment, but openness to what is right in front of me.

It is so reflective of this time of the pandemic... I had plans for 10-12 shows for 2020 (we all had plans for 2020) and while I figure out my "pivot", my mantra has been and is: "no need for frustration or disappointment, just move forward with openness to what IS".... what is nature telling me? what is life telling me? what is my heart telling me? This IS what the "pivot" is, that shift from attachment to openness.

I'd love to hear your stories of your pivot.... Send me an email ( or post a comment on FB/ IG.

Be well, Stay safe.

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