Mom's Button Box: A Memory Gift for Mother's Day

A while ago, when I was making the Felted Needle Cases & Wrist Cuffs (Mother's Day gifts?) I dug around my studio's hidey-holes and found my mother's button box. A flood of memories started pouring out of the deep recesses of my brain.

Mom had this small chest of drawers in my parent's bedroom, filled with spools of thread, her "sacred" swan-scissors, her thimbles and the button box. There was a comfortable chair next to it and she would do the family mending, away from the hubbub of the family, in the quiet, near the window for good light. I can practically hear the golden glow around these memories.

I don't think of myself as a sewer - at all (!), but over these last few years, I've been sewing more and I'm getting pretty good at it, finally... but it takes time & quiet. If I chat or get thinking too much, I loose my place in the order of things and mess up. Maybe that's why mom's sewing chest was hidden away....

Look at all the cool stuff in there! Old fabric buttons, a belt buckle, curtain weights, cards of shirt buttons, snaps, a thimble with a bird on it, things that hold buttons on a jacket without sewing and things I forget what they are for. Not to mention there are lots of old buttons with a pearly sheen or shaped like an animal. I had no idea that I had any memory of these things, but when I look at them, now... I can almost taste the memory and smell mom's perfume.

Happy Mother's Day

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