My First Visit to Coffee Shop Since March 1!!

Electronics update crisis hit today! I have been ignoring my phone & computer update messages since late February, when I got back from Baltimore, got sick and went into Covid hibernation. But, postponed updates get cranky after a while & so, after hours on the phone with Support, I'm hangin at my local internet cafe, updating & blogging, y'all. I'm the only customer, here at the Crozet MudHouse Coffee (yum) and I had not realized how much I have missed coming here & my other local internet hotspots. Living "way-out-in-the-country" has its draw backs - the bears & skunks... & bad wifi. When I tried to update my phone, at home, it said under time to download: "1-3 days" (!).

SO, it is much easier/ nicer to go to the Studio and make handmade garments than update my software!!

TOMORROW, the studio!

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