Natural Dye Workshop: Sept 19 8:30-4:30 Reds & Yellows

Creating natural dyes from local plant materials & purchased dye materials is both joyous & challenging. Come and play with color and learn how to create your own dyes and work around the challenges.

We will make dye vats, together, test swatches of each color and in combination and look at effects of pH and other modifiers on the resulting color. We will build a personal natural dye color book, using an assortment of fabrics and fibers. We will also prepare fabrics and fibers for dyeing. This 8-hour Workshop will cover a lot of ground! Cost $150 includes materials and there will be a list of additional items to bring, upon sign up.

SIGN UP NOW for this Workshop on my website under Events

In-Person, Covid- conscious workshop, limited to 3-4 people. We will work outside, if we can, if we are in the Studio, we will work at distance and with masks.

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