Natural Dyes: Fall Colors & Getting an Olive Green from Yellow

Every season, my eye is drawn to different colors and different tones of those colors and for someone working with a natural dye palette it is a never ending LOVE AFFAIR with color!  In August, we had a cold front come through and I found myself leaning into fall colors and longing for some new colors in my studio palette.

Each section of the color wheel, for example the greens, have warm (toward red) and cool (toward Blue) variants of a standard color, but paint chips, oil paint colors and colors in advertising feel too garish for the natural palette.  Never fear, mother nature is infinite... here is a lovely natural palette I found on the internet from an artist, Terry Ludwig, who makes pastels:

SO, what does this have to do with natural dyeing?  How can I get reliable, color/ light fast greens for my fall garment creations?  So, into the studio I went and here is a quick video on creating a lovely olive green from a yellow using Pomegranate dye at 20% WOF and an Iron dip.. a great combination given the myth that concerns pomegranate seeds and why we have winter.   If you enjoy this mini lesson about natural dyes, maybe you's enjoy signing up for my Become a Home Natural Dyer online Workshop, which has an ever-growing library of natural dye topics...  Enjoy!


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