Natural Dyes - Getting the color you want - Depth of Shade

When I first started dyeing, I read that I should dye to 1-2 Depths of Shade (DOS) darker than the final color I wanted.  I had no idea what that meant, practically:  "depth of shade".  So, I hit the books & google... and I found references in painting and in photography and a scale such as the one, below:

"OK", said I, "how do I apply that to natural dyes and dyeing for craft?"
Below is a small video where I show what that looks like in the Dye studio.  If you find it helpful - YAY.  This and many other topics are covered in my online Workshop:  Become a Home Natural Dyer.  If you've always wanted to up-cycle your clothes, explore natural color, play with natural dyes, or just love to learn new things about the natural world, this course if for you! 


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