Short Studio Tour - Check out my Video!

I've been a bit silent, because I was working on something in my community for the past 6 weeks - I was an Election Official for Early Voting. I have to tell you how proud I am of Virginia & Albemarle County - they did a great job making voting accessible - 45 days of early voting, which included a drop box for mail in votes, in-person voting & curbside voting. Everyone I worked with was so happy to be there to support our democracy and the right to vote. 97+% of the voters were so happy to vote - smiles, happy dances, whoops, cheers. Really a wonderful civic experience. AND SO ORGANIZED!! Many cross-checks & security for our votes, by County employees & members of the community, like myself, who care. YAY.

So, I thought I'd share with you a little video I posted for a virtual show & you may have missed... a longer one is coming up for the November shows. I want to thank Rebecca (videographer), Dominique (photographer) & Pam & Philip (musicians) - full credits at the end. let me know what you think :-))

Warmly, Sarah

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