Silk Velvet & Raku Tea Cup - Ahhhh. A Perfect Morning

I LOVE my grey Silk Velvet Kimono Duster AND when I can hang out and have a cup of tea in my Raku

tea cup made by Mary Ann Burk... well, it is a perfect morning, indeed!

Mary Ann made the Raku Tea Cups last winter and had them for sale at The Barn Swallow (which now also has an on line shop) - She and Janice Arone, who own The Barn Swallow, had a special Tea Party event (January??) and it was SO lovely, I went twice! It was ALL about community - sharing craft, sharing tea, sharing our love of art.

As I continue to live-small, these small pleasures - cozy velvet & beautiful tea cups support my spirit and let me stoke the fire of creating in the studio. (You can get your own grey Velvet Kimono Duster in my shop...)

In November, the Artisan Studio Tour will be on line/ virtual. So do make a note in your calendars ... We are planning virtual Studio Tours & Live sessions for meeting the artists, so stay tuned - I'll put out updates all fall in these posts where I feature my work with that of another local artist on the Artisan Studio Tour. Fun!

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