Studio Skills in the Garden

I decided I needed more bed space in my garden & made garden bins from landscape cloth - watch video and read instructions, below...

Using my trash can lid, I cut a circle of landscape cloth (which I recently discovered in my shed clean-out project) & measured the diameter (D/2=radius). Then, using grade school geometry: Circumference=2Pi r, I found my C=74"+2 for a seam& ease, I cut off a piece of landscape cloth 76" long (my bolt is about 5' wide). I folded this in half, length-wise & sewed the ends together with strong thread on my sewing machine. Then I pinned on the circle-bottom & sewed that from the outside (see video), turned it inside-out & cuffed the upper edge down to the bottom (4 layers of cloth around the sides). DONE!

After I had made 6 of them, I realized I could "make" smaller ones from re-usable shopping bags (no sewing) - I have a few extras ... and I added that to the garden as well. The pumpkins & cucumber plants seem to like them as they sprouted in under a week!  The photos, above, are 9 days after planting!

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