Three Keys to a Perfect Indigo Beach Summer Day

As you can guess, I'm at the beach... and it is a PERFECT DAY!! Sun, the sound of the surf, sand, beverages, family & friends, nature dramas, and a gentle breeze. So, here is my list of 3 keys to a perfect indigo beach summer day...

  • Activities - Swimming, body surfing, walks, golf, tennis, sailing, cycling, dancing, music, gardening, craft projects .... so many they are infinite! Hand block printed  Summer Tunic - perfect over a swimsuit or with jeans. Great paired with a Cotton Shibori Shawl  or a Linen Shibori Shawl
  • R&R - Downtime, meditating, reading a novel, decompressing, time away, a nap under the trees with your head resting on a soft Shibori Pillow
  • Meals - Around a table, full of stories, laughter & kitchen chaos.... Indigo Shibori Tablecloth, 45 x 72", big enough for a big dining table for friends & family dining at the end of the day.

Happy Summer, everyone. I hope you can find time for adding indigo to your perfect summer days!

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