What Makes the Colors in Natural Dyes? Part III - Yellows

Sunny yellows, mellow yellows, golden yellows... The range of yellows is broad and subtle, reflecting the soul's essential joy, optimism, curiosity, lightness and delight. Almost all botanical orders contain Flavonoids, a diverse group of over 6,000 types of phytonutrients, including those responsible for yellow dye colors, primarily the Flavones & Flavonols [and the Anthrocyanins, which make reds & purples].

  • The Flavones (Luteotin, Apigenin) the colorants of the traditional dyes: Weld, Saw-wort, Rabbitbrush & Dyer's Broom and the anti-oxidant, colorants in celery, parsley & rutabagas.
  • The Flavonols (Quercetin, Kampferol, Morin, Fustin) the colorants of the traditional dyes: Buckthorn, Cotinus, Dyer's Mulberry, Quercitron Oak, Goldenrod, Osage and the colorants of kale, onions, hot peppers, spinach, watercress & rutabagas.


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