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Indigo Classic Dress

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I started making dresses when I realized I could design wearable art dresses for myself that would equally suit being out-and-about in town and an art museum reception, while having the comfort of my favorite hanging-out-at-home dress. In the classic style dresses, there is a timelessness to the styling (I always think of Jackie-O or my mom) made possible by the process of creating the seamless & fully-reversible garment all at once - the great advantage of nuno felting!


  • Indigo hand-dyed merino-tencel roving and silk
  • Embellished with variations in indigo colors
  • Modest knee length
  • Simple variations of indigo having the effect of light dappling on water
  • Round and v-neck lines for reversible wearing (to work with your jewelry)
  • Seamless creation; you can wear it with merino-surface or silk-surface facing the world with either soft-surface inside.


So, enjoy feeling bold and comfortable in any situation that calls out for an indigo classic dress.