Spiral Shawl - Salmon
Spiral Shawl - Salmon
Spiral Shawl - Salmon

Spiral Shawl - Salmon

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Imagine combining the gossamer qualities of silk thread with the coziness of fine Italian merino and the doodles of Joan Miro – That is the magic of these Spiral Shawls.  Ultra-soft, airy, and a completely practical solution for those days when I’m chilly but don’t need to wear a sweater.

  • Silk woven fabric & fine Italian merino pencil-roving hand naturally-dyed with Madder and Osage
  • This Shawl has Madder silk on one side & Osage silk on the other side; There is predominantly Madder roving with some Osage roving
  • Hand Nuno felted
  • 23x80”

This is one of my best-selling styles.  Perfect for weddings, bridal parties, special events, and wearing at home.

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