Garden Dish Towels (Set of 2)
Garden Dish Towels (Set of 2)
Garden Dish Towels (Set of 2)
Garden Dish Towels (Set of 2)
Garden Dish Towels (Set of 2)

Garden Dish Towels (Set of 2)

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I'm not crazy about doing the dishes, in fact, it is probably my least fav task.  BUT, the best part of it is when I get close to the end and grab my Garden Dish Towel to clean the counters!  YAY, almost done!

  • Brighten your kitchen with these lovely Eco Printed Dish Towels.
  • They are sustainably made of silk noil and are 22 x 36"
  • Eco-printed with local plant material, these have prints from  Australian pine, oak, Japanese maple, smoke bush, rose, hellebore & crab apple. 
  • Each towel is tagged, noting the plants used to make their unique pattern.  
  • Have a hanging loop
  • Raw-edge will develop a short fringe.  
  • Easy to care for (wash & steam iron).   

They are excellent for drying dishes, cleaning counters, and generally lookin' great when you walk by your kitchen.  They're a great gift for your Bestie or as a hostess gift!