Garden Scarf - Crepe de Chine

Garden Scarf - Crepe de Chine

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So many of you tell me you are scarf-people and I am definitely a scarf person, too!  If I am cold, putting on a scarf is the easiest way to warm me up, especially in transition seasons, when I might want to take it off, again and tie it to my bag, so it’s handy.  There are SO many ways to wear scarves (check out my blog posts, there are several on this topic) and the silk crepe de Chine scarves are especially good at holding their knots, because of the light texture of the silk. My eco-printed Garden Scarves are all naturally dyed and the leaf prints are made by the leaves, themselves – it is so cool & exciting.  I write the list of plant material used on each scarf on the tag, so you can know what is there and show off to all your gardening friends that you have rose leaves (or whatever) on your scarf.  It is like wearing a garden.

  • Naturally hand-dyed with buttercups
  • Eco printed with post oak, sorrel, smokebush, black locust, coreopsis, Japanese maple, & grasses
  • 14 x 72" Crepe de Chine Scarf

Wear your favorite garden plants and adorn yourself with nature, every day with a Crepe de Chine Garden Scarf!

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