Ocean Art Jacket

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There are special times when I need to wear something totally unique – an art opening, a special party, film festival, wedding reception, or just a day when I need a pick-me-up.  That is when I wear my Art Jacket.  With wide lapels, pockets, and the magnetic closure I have lots of options of how to wear it and I usually pair it with leggings or slacks or jeans and a neutral top, ‘cause the Jacket is doing all the drama for the outfit!  These are one-of-a-kind, fully reversible wearable art, lightweight and so fun.


  • Blues, in shades of turquoise, hand-dyed silk, and fine merino roving
  • Embellished with eco-printed silk organza, beaded merino & coppery curly locks
  • This Ocean Art Jacket is OS-L 
  • Nuno felted = soft & ultra-light
  • Seamless creation makes the Art Jacket fully reversible with different embellishments on each side & the pockets reverse, as well.


Show up at your special event with one of these unique Art jackets!

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