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Silk Organza Skimmer

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Silk organza is one of the magical fabrics of great fashion – it moves with grace, billowing in the slightest breeze and when I wear my Silk Organza Skimmer, I feel so light and airy and graceful, too.  The skimmers are hemmed for me by real people, who are holding on to the regional textile industry in North Carolina.  I naturally dye them with loving care and eco print them with plants I collect on my Virginia farm.

  • Naturally dyed with madder
  • Eco printed with  peony, Japanese maple, crabapple, smokebush, oak, rose & Australian pine.
  • These crisp and airy Silk Organza Skimmers are 22 x 72” and easily fit in a tiny purse for that moment when you need a little something to boost your grace & WOW-factor.

Bring a little magic into your life with this airy & magical Silk Organza Shawl.  You’ll be glad you did!

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