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White Classic Top

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There are classics in my closet that I wear year after year.  I have re-interpreted my fav tops into this line of tops and tunics.  Each has classic lines and their length varied to complement my mood and different pants, jeans, skirts, leggings, etc..These tops and tunics expand my wardrobe like the classic dresses: they dress up my leggings or dress down a long skirt.  By turning my top inside out, I have a new top of ruched silk – WIN-WIN!


  • Natural white merino Tencel roving and silk
  • Embellished with beaded merino
  • Top Style - length is past the waistband, just over the hips; a classic, for sure.
  • Nuno felted - soft & ultra-light
  • Round and v-necklines for reversible wearing (to work with your jewelry)
  • Seamless creation; you can wear it with merino-surface or silk-surface facing the world with either soft-surface inside.


Enjoy life with being able to wear these tops & tunics 4-ways… though, you might end up with a favorite.  That’s cool!

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